Introduction of GHF Educational Fellowship

Sayling Wen Cultural and Educational Foundation and iSeeTaiwan Foundation have set up “the GHF Educational Fellowship” to nurture creative talents to have innovative pedagogy within the Ed space. Each year, the GHF will select 8 fellows in Taiwan to receive NT$300,000, in order for them to attend international learning or educational research events.

We hope the GHF Educational Fellows’ stories can offer the public a new educational viewpoint in order to develop multiple models for K-12 education in the future. These Fellows consist of Taiwan’s most influential educators; will present Taiwan’s innovative education to the world. But also support the development of global educational cooperation.

Moreover, we hope to spread the GHF Educational Fellowship to the world as a role model for others to follow. Furthermore, we also look to forward insightful inventive approaches in in order to stimulate Taiwan. We hope to achieve this by developing opportunities and relationships with international organizations and leading figures.

Our Selection Criteria

1. Educational Significance: Innovative achievements of the applicants have made significant impact and have enhanced the realization of educational ideals

2. Societal Value: Revolutionary ideals with a social core value assist in elevating the quality of the environment of the public.

3. Pioneering: Innovative experiences and practices can be duplicated and be exported overseas.

4. Breakthrough: Breakthrough progressive approaches that can solve the important or long existing educational problems.

5. Sustainability: The innovational end product/ results/ accomplishments can last eternally.