Guideline for the GHF Educational Fellowship

1 Purpose of the Fellowship

To nurture Taiwan’s creative educational and innovative talents with a global perspective, and to support international collaboration in education, in order to stimulate Taiwan’s educational innovation. Both the iSee Taiwan Foundation and the Sayling Wen Cultural and Educational Foundation set up the guidelines for the GHF Education Fellowship, National Chengchi University has been entrusted to establish the Center for Innovation and Creativity Studies, and set up the “GHFxEdu” program to execute this fellowship.

2 The Fellowship

2.1 Number of fellowships: 8 in principle, but the actual number of fellowships given will vary upon the judgment of the selection committee.
2.2 Eligibility: Those who have made substantial accomplishments in K-12 innovative education. Candidates can make their application as an individual or as a team.
2.3 Fellowship: Each recipient or group can receive a maximum amount of NT$ 300,000. The fellowship is to be used on visits, interacting and learning abroad. If necessary, part of the grant can be retained and utilized for doing research on innovation and creative studies. Team recipients need to designate a representative to receive the fellowship.
2.4 Duration of the fellowship: Within 1 year from the date of the announcement of the grant.

3 Eligibility

3.1 Eligible applicants, must be an individual or team, they must have been doing K-12 educational and innovative work in Taiwan for at least 5 years. In which the achievements made by the applicants are quite outstanding and also recognized by the public or authorized institutes. Applicants are required to describe/explain the meaning behind their innovation educational work and the societal, groundbreaking, and revolutionary value behind it.
3.2 The individual or team applicants can make an application by himself/themselves or by recommendation.
3.3 In addition, the Committee can take the initiative to recommend or nominate outstanding talents if their efforts to innovation and creativity have been considered as worthy of public attention.
3.4 Finalist should submit plans for overseas visits, interaction, exchanges, etc...

4 Timetable and the Selection Process

4.1 Application Deadline: Before 31st of July of each calendar year
4.2 Application Process: Individuals or teams should complete and submit the online application form via the website.
4.3 Selection Process: The Committee will take the initiative to collect relevant data to confirm the qualification of the applicants. If necessary, visits or interviews will be conducted.
4.4 Announcement: Before the 24th of September each year. The list of the recipients will be announced on the GHF x Edu website.

5 Selection Criteria

5.1 Educational Significance: Innovative achievements of the applicants have made significant impact and have enhanced the realization of educational ideals
5.2 Societal Value: Revolutionary ideals with a social core value assist in elevating the quality of the environment of the public.
5.3 Pioneering: Innovative experiences and practices can be duplicated and be exported overseas..
5.4 Breakthrough: Breakthrough progressive approaches that can solve the important or long existing educational problems.
5.5 Sustainability: The innovational end product/ results/ accomplishments can last eternally.

6 Obligations for Fellowship Recipients

6.1 The proposed plans for overseas visits, interaction, learning, research, etc., of which have been approved by the Committee, should be executed within 1 year.
6.2 In order to bring in new innovation trends and enhance the development of innovation of Taiwan’s education system. The recipients are requested to share their overseas experiences after their trip abroad.
6.3 The recipients are requested to comply with the committee’s invitation to share their experiences to the public; moreover assist in other innovative and educational case studies.
6.4 If the recipient cannot fulfill the criteria mentioned above and requires an extension to the duration of the grant, the recipient should immediately inform the committee and obtain their approval.

7 The copyright

The copyright of products made with the fellowship will be solely under the recipient; however, the recipient should grant the committee the permanent right to use the products in a nonprofit purpose without any cost.

8 Adjustments

The organizer holds rights to make amendments or adjustments to the Guideline for the GHF Educational Fellowships. However, if controversies or ambiguities have occurred, both parties should comply with correlating laws and regulations.