Innovative learners, exchanges and sharing - GHF will conduct innovative education workshops in Malaysia from April 4 to 8

The “GHFxEdu program” is jointly promoted by the Sayling Wen Cultural and Educational Foundation, the iSee Taiwan Foundation and the Lab for Future Shapers of the National Chengchi University’s Center for Creativity and Innovation Studies. It has been established since 2017, with the objective of creating the world’s most representative educational innovation "co-creator" public service platform. It has successfully completed its first selection of fellowship recipients for the Educational Fellowship.

The Educational Fellowship used “Educational Significance”, “Societal Value”, “Pioneering”, “Breakthrough”, and “Sustainability” as selection criteria. The winners selected are all devoted to innovative education in Taiwan. Educators who are committed to breaking through the existing system, whether they are investing in rural areas, flipped classrooms, co-learning platforms, experimental teaching, self-directed learning, etc., are the key themes of future educational innovation. These educational innovations will be promoted through the integration of GHF, allowing cases to go further and have a deeper impact.

Before the application and selection of the second Educational Fellowship, the winners of the Fellowship last year also brought a variety of cases and conducted extensive exchanges and promotion. GHF will conduct innovative educational workshops in Malaysia from April 4 to 8, inviting fellowship recipients to Kuala Lumpur, Malacca and Johor Bahru to visit local schools to share Taiwanese educational experiences and promote exchanges and dialogues between the Taiwanese and Malaysian Chinese language teacher communities.

The world is paying close attention to the future. Education is also a key force for change. We must get the world to see Taiwan through educational innovation. This is the original intention of the Sayling Wen Cultural and Educational Foundation and iSee Taiwan Foundation in jointly promoting the GHF. It is hoped that Taiwan's outstanding innovations can be brought forth and, at the same time, that more forward-looking ideas and observations can be brought back, thereby spurring more innovative talents to invest in and change the educational environment.