2018 GHF Educational Fellowship-related work notice-Sharing Innovations x Exploring Global Events x Synergy to Create

The Sayling Wen Cultural and Educational Foundation and the iSee Taiwan Foundation jointly promote the “GHFxEdu Program,” constantly looking for exemplary figures who are most representative and influential in K-12 educational innovation. We hope to identify exemplary figures who are most representative, active, and influential in Taiwan’s K-12 educational innovation, allowing the public to understand the diverse values and shaping of future educational images in different educational modes. We also hope these exemplary figures can share their stories with the world through the support of the program, allowing Taiwan’s innovative education to be seen by the world, and for more forward-looking global educational observations or possible cooperation to be brought back.

This year, apart from continuing to launch the “2018 GHF Educational Fellowship” in Taiwan, we also expect to cooperate globally with Malaysia to seek active promotion of educational innovation in Malaysia. We have a proven track record and plan to work with the 2018 Taiwan GHF Educational Fellowship to implement cooperative and innovative school teams, and thus begin to expand this program into Chinese language educational circles and open up possible links to related opportunities for cooperation globally.

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