Talent Cultivation

1 The Purpose for the program
1.1 Turnover Taiwan Education with innovative ideals, with hopes to stimulate local education to have the drive to develop future-oriented innovation curriculum modules and teaching materials.
1.2 Assist teachers in the frontline on how to develop teaching innovation practice, and in hopes that they will from an educational innovative team to explore and nurture their abilities to utilize social innovation to solve social problems. With adhering to “Promoting Education innovation" in mind, the foremost and state–of–the–art methods and ideas can be raised to make a difference to Taiwan education.

2 Eligibility: Teachers, business people, any members from the society, students, etc…those who are concerned about education related topics and those who will engage in teaching in the future.

3 Curriculum and teaching materials
3.1 6 primary traits: closely related to imagination, creativity, futuristic prospective, narrative ability, design thinking and technological implementation and Big DATA and computing reasoning.
3.2 By means of curriculum design, teaching plans, to realize the “student centered” teaching methodology, training students’ analysis, synthesis and evaluation of higher cognitive level ability, and through the planned teacher training, cultivate talents with high-level thinking ability and Competitiveness.


Introduction of GHF
We aim at becoming the most representative for education innovation "co-create" public service platform
About GHF Educational Fellowship
We hope the GHF Educational Fellows’ stories can offer the public a new educational view to comprehend the diversified values man...